Hendren Cemetery

Groveport, Ohio

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Hendren Cemetery is located on the west side of OH-317 (Hamilton Road), between Groveport Road and Hendron Road, in Groveport, Ohio (Madison Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 39° 51' 11" N, 82° 54' 1.21" W.

Hendren Cemetery (also known as Barnhart Cemetery) was established in 1826, and it is no longer active. Until recently, the cemetery was in horrible shape - the gravestones were all broken and overgrown. To see photos from 2005, please click on the following link (offsite - page will open in a new window): Franklin County Cemetery Photos: Hendren Cemetery. As you can see from my photos above, restoration of this cemetery has started. All of the broken gravestones have been cleaned and lined up in two rows, and the badly broken stones have even been pieced together. A plaque has been placed on the east side that contains a list of all people buried there. Also, a sign has been placed on a locked gate just off OH-317. To access the cemetery, you can walk past the gate and follow the driveway (it ends at the cemetery). The work that has already occurred is impressive, and I can't wait to see the cemetery once the restoration has been completed!

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