Haydenville Tunnel

Haydenville, Ohio

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The Haydenville Tunnel is located at the end of Howard Road, just east of Haydenville Road, in Haydenville, Ohio. It is in the woods behind the north side of Haydenville Cemetery.

The Haydenville Tunnel was used to transport coal, iron ore, and clay from the nearby mines. The tunnel was used into the 1950's, then it was abandoned. Many sections of it have started to collapse, so you can only walk a little way into it.

Many people believe the Haydenville Tunnel is haunted by men who died while building it. They claim to see strange lights or even apparitions of these men dressed in work overalls. Many also claim to hear the sound of carts being pushed through the tunnel.

I received an e-mail from Jill F. in July 2010, with a warning about visiting the tunnel:

Haydenville tunnel is very interesting, but it is very dangerous. I went there a few years ago and we bought masks from Sherwin Williams to breathe through, but after climbing two heaps of rubble, there were so many bats and piles of bat excrement, and the heaps of crumbling tunnel turned us around. This tunnel is not safe for exploration. It is very narrow, very dark, and unless somebody knew you were going to be there, you could be in trouble if you got hurt.

If you've had any experiences at the Haydenville Tunnel, please e-mail me and I'll include your story on the site.

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