Harrod Cemetery

Huntsville, Ohio

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Harrod Cemetery is located on the south side of Township Road 56, one mile north of Township Road 57, outside Huntsville, Ohio (McArthur Township, Logan County). The coordinates are 40° 25' 21.77" N, 83° 47' 0.24" W.

Harrod Cemetery was established in 1898 (although there are earlier burials there), and it is still active. The oldest gravestones are located towards the back, and most are in good condition. The grounds are very well maintained by the township.

Not only is Harrod Cemetery interesting because of all the old gravestones, but it is also supposedly haunted by the "Hatchet Man," Andrew Hellman. In 1839 Andrew Hellmen murdered two of his children, John and Louisa, by poisoning them. He also poisoned his other son, Henry, but his wife was able to save him. Later that same year he took an axe to Mary, his wife, and killed her too. Andrew Hellmen fled to Baltimore, Maryland after the murders, where he killed his second wife with a hatchet, but was captured and hanged in 1844. He was buried with his first family in Harrod Cemetery.

Today many people claim to see Andrew Hellmen's tombstone glowing in Harrod Cemetery at night. There are also reports of people seeing him roam Township Road 56 with his hatchet in hand, looking for his next victim.

Many thanks to Kristine Cook for telling me about this cemetery, and for giving me terrific directions to it.

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