Harris-Jones Cemetery
(Crybaby Hill)

McClure, Ohio

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Harris-Jones Cemetery, better known as Crybaby Hill, Knob Hill, or Boot Hill Cemetery, is located back a private, sandy lane on the west side of County Road 7, about halfway between County Road P and OH-110, outside McClure, Ohio (Harrison Township, Henry County). The coordinates are 41° 23' 51.39" N, 84° 0' 26.87" W.

Harris-Jones Cemetery is very small and it hasn't been active for many years. Whoever owns the cemetery takes fantastic care of the grounds, but just about all the gravestones have been vandalized. Even though I'm fascinated by ghost/haunting stories, one of the worst things that can happen to a small cemetery is someone claiming it's haunted...the "haunted" cemeteries are always the ones that get destroyed. But anyway, on to the stories!

Supposedly the illegible gravestones on Crybaby Hill belong to several babies who were murdered and buried at the cemetery. At night, many people have claimed to hear the babies crying. Some even claim to hear them crawling through the cornfield that surrounds the cemetery! Pretty creepy story, but from reading the gravestones, I didn't notice many babies buried there.

In February 2006 I received an e-mail from UneekAsCanBe about her creepy trip to Crybaby Hill:

One night last summer a few of my friends, my brother, and I all decided to check out this cemetery. Being we're from Findlay, we didn't know the area well, but we had no problems finding it. We parked on the hill and my brother and I got out of the car. My two friends were too scared to get out. We just had an eerie feeling of being watched. We stood outside the car for what seemed to be 20 minutes. It was a warm summer night, but there seemed to be a chill in the air while we were on the hill. After a while we grew tired of standing around. Just as I started to walk back to the car I heard something. I looked up at my brother and he asked me if I heard that sound. Not being sure what it was, I ran over and stood by him and waited again. Just seconds later we heard the sound again, and it sounded liked someone chopping wood with an axe. Considering it was past midnight, it's doubtful that's what it was. The sound seemed to be on the hill somewhere, but at the same time off in the distance. Seconds later we heard it again, and it came from behind us. We both turned in that direction. This happened for a while, the sound seemed to be circling around us. It grew more rapid, so we got kinda spooked and left.

I also received an e-mail from Holly T. about her trip to the cemetery:

My friends and I used to go to Crybaby Hill a lot during the summer. The place is much creepier in the summer when all the corn is up. It is a hard place to find in the summer because you can barely see the top of the hill because of all the corn. If you didn't know the cemetery was there, then you would never know since you can't see it then. Anyways, I don't believe Crybaby Hill is haunted. Each county has a Crybaby Hill or Crybaby Bridge. I really don't believe it's even babies buried there, to me it's just a really old cemetery. It is a pretty creepy place, and it gives me a really weird feeling when I'm there. All the corn creeped me out more than the cemetery itself did!

In October 2006 I received an e-mail from Josh N. about his interesting trip to the cemetery:

I just recently visited the cemetery this past weekend. It was so amazing, we went three straight days! The first night we drove back the lane in a van. We backed in, rolled the windows down, and turned the vehicle off. We sat for 5 minutes, and then the van started to slowly and softly shake. Then we heard a baby laugh that seemed to be coming from behind the van. We got scared and left. The next day we went back to take pictures of the gravestones, and also decided to go back again that same night. We brought the camera this time. Although we didn't hear any voices, we did pick up a lot of action in most of the pictures.

I also received an e-mail from Michelle G. in October 2006:

A group of friends and I went out to Crybaby Hill on Friday the 13th. We went three times. The first time was around 9PM on Friday. It was so dark and creepy. We drove back there and got out of the car. We went up the hill and looked for a split second. Everyone was pretty spooked out, so we jumped back in the car. We sat for a moment with the windows down. Nothing really happened, but we were definitly scared. We left and went to a few other spots for a while. We ended up back there at midnight on the 13th. This time when we pulled up to the cemetery, there was a horrible smell. It smelled like death. Like a dead carcass, but worse. Our eyes were watering and the smell was unbearable. We left immediately. It did not smell like that earlier, or when we went back on Saturday during the day to take some pictures. So that was a little freaky.

In May 2011 I received an e-mail from A'ndrea about her trip to the cemetery:

One night I was having a slumber party. We were telling scary stories, and my mom told us about Cry Baby Hill. We decided that weekend that we wanted to go check it out. When we got there, we stood there and looked at it for a minute. We got this really weird feeling and we wanted to leave. We decided to go on and walk around. As we were walking we heard someone cutting wood but we saw none around! Then we heard something that sounded like a baby crying. Then I really got scared. We were walking down the hill and I could have sworn that there was someone behind us. We felt a breeze and we had a feeling that someone was there, but when we turned around there was nothing. That night we all had nightmares! I will never go back again!

Have you had a creepy/scary experience at Crybaby Hill? I'd love to hear about it and post your story on the site! You can e-mail your story to graveaddiction@gmail.com.

A big thank you to Melanie A. for giving me directions to this cemetery, and also to Mike M. for visiting it with me!

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