The Sullivan-Johnson Museum

Kenton, Ohio

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The Sullivan-Johnson Museum is located at 223 N. Main Street in Kenton, Ohio. It is owned by the Hardin County Historical Museums.

The Sullivan-Johnson house was built in 1896 as a private residence. Today it is home to a museum with many exhibits that tell stories about Hardin County's history, including a collection of toys made by the Kenton Toys Company and a gallery dedicated to Jacob Parrot, the nation's first Medal of Honor winner.

But the exhibits aren't the only reason to visit the museum. It is also haunted by the ghost of Mrs. Sullivan! Many people have seen her ghost during tours, and many people hear footsteps and notice the smell of a lady's perfume after hours. I visited the museum for a ghost hunt with the Buckeye State Paranormal and Haunting Investigators in May 2007...I can tell you that there does seem to be some paranormal activity going on there!

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