Green Mount Cemetery

Montpelier, Vermont

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Green Mount Cemetery is located at 251 State Street (US-2) in Montpelier, Vermont (Washington County). The coordinates are 44° 15' 28" N, 72° 35' 47" W.

Green Mount Cemetery was established in 1854, and it is still active. There are many beautiful gravestones, including several granite and bronze statues. There are also several zinc monuments, and even a few slate gravestones. The majority of the monuments are in fantastic condition. The cemetery grounds are very well maintained.

I received an e-mail from Sara Ebare in October 2008 about a ghostly legend at Green Mount Cemetery:

I have an interesting note about Green Mount Cemetery of Montpelier, Vermont. You know the bronze statue of a figure, draped in cloth, lounging back on the large gravestone? There is a legend surrounding it. It is known as the Black Agnes and is said to be cursed. It is said if you sit in the lap of The Black Agnes, you will die. A few years back, a young man sat on the lap of Black Agnes, and a few days later he drowned in the Winooski River. I do not know if the curse is true. The statue is also said to be of the Virgin Mary, but is in fact a statue of Thanatos, the Greek personification of death. For a better account of this story check out Weird New England by Joseph A. Citro.

For more information about Green Mount Cemetery, please see the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce website.

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