Green Lawn Cemetery

Columbus, Ohio

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Green Lawn Cemetery is located at 1000 Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 39° 56' 25" N, 83° 1' 57" W.

antique postcard

Antique postcard, postmarked May 13, 1907.

Green Lawn Cemetery was established in 1848, and it is still active. There are several famous, well known people from Columbus buried here. You'll recognize a lot of graves that belong to people that have streets named after them, such as Sullivant, etc.

antique postcard

Antique postcard, postmarked March 27, 1913.

There are also several supposedly haunted graves and mausoleums at Green Lawn Cemetery. I took a picture of the Hayden Mausoleum and the Gay Mausoleum, they are two of the well known haunted graves. They are pictured above.

antique postcard

Antique postcard, postmarked December 13, 1909.

Since this cemetery is so big it's quite easy to get lost...I ended up spending two hours when I went the first time. I could have easily spent more time there, but after two hours I saw the exit and didn't want to lose it again!

antique postcard

Antique postcard - Elk's Memorial.

For more information about the cemetery, please visit the official site:

antique postcard

Antique postcard, postmarked September 30, 1910.

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