Gravel Hill Cemetery

Cheshire, Ohio

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Gravel Hill Cemetery is located on Gravel Hill Road outside Cheshire, Ohio (Cheshire Township, Gallia County). The coordinates are 38° 56' 40.95" N, 82° 7' 48.16" W.

Gravel Hill Cemetery is a large cemetery that is still in use today. There are lots of more recent gravestones, but there are just as many old gravestones. The cemetery is beautiful, it's surrounded by trees and it's very well taken care of. The only thing that detracts from it's beauty is the large AEP Power Plant located along the river, which is very visible from the cemetery. It's definitely an interesting place to visit.

A big thanks to my friend Mark for telling me about this cemetery and visiting it with me! This is another one that I may have never visited had he not told me about it. I truly do appreciate his help!

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