Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Maxville, Ohio

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Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery is located back a lane off Dutch Ridge Road outside Maxville, Ohio (Monday Creek Township, Perry County). The coordinates are 39° 38' 31.73" N, 82° 16' 35.23" W.

Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, also known as the Gospel Center Cemetery, is is no longer active. It is located on both sides of the abandoned Gospel Center Church. There are many old gravestones, and most are in good condition. Which is suprising since the cemetery is pretty much abandoned. The grass is extremely tall - it resembles a prairie. There were new flags at the gate when I visited in September 2007 though, so it isn't completely forgotten.

In January 2008 I received an e-mail from Jack Goodlive, who shared some historical information about the church and cemetery:

The St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church was started July 14, 1841 in Monday Creek Township, Perry County, Ohio. Jacob Goodlive, Wife Mary (Marie), son Henry and his wife Elizabeth were some of the very first members to sign the register. Copied Monday May 20, 2002, from the original record book of the church.

St. John's Lutheran Church, Dutch Ridge Road, Monday Creek Township, was organized by Rev. Frankenburg in 1841, but preaching had been held in private homes and barns for six years previous.

The pioneer Lutheran congregations of central and northern Perry County had for their membership the Pennsylvania brand of American Germans. But the St. John's neighborhood was settled by people directly from across the water. From France, politically; from Germany, ethnically. In a word they were Alsatians.
(The above is not 100% correct. Several of the families came from Switzerland.)

The St. John's Alsatians arrived after 1830. The families constituting this settlement were the Wolfes, the Martzolffs, Kochenspargers, Naders, Buchmans, Wohlleben, (now Anglicised into Goodlive) and others.

This Alsatian settlement became known in later years as Dutch Ridge.

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