Goshen Cemetery (Old)

Zanesfield, Ohio

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Goshen Cemetery (Old) is located on the north side of CR-153, close to the junction with CR-28, outside Zanesfield, Ohio (Jefferson Township, Logan County). The coordinates are 40° 19' 42.34" N, 83° 39' 48.71" W.

Goshen Cemetery (Old) is located in front of the Goshen Friends Church, and very close to Goshen Cemetery (New). There aren't many gravestones left, and if you weren't looking for it, it would be extremely easy to drive by without noticing the gravestones. There is a historical marker by this cemetery, here is the text from both sides:

Logan County's First School House

A small log cabin was at this site, for education of
Quaker children; and replaced by brick in 1823.
It became the first free public school in the county.

Second Church

in the county, a double log house built
about 1808 by Quakers from North Carolina.
Named "Mad River" until 1819, then
changed to Goshen Friends.

Even though the cemetery isn't big, it definitely hasn't been forgotten. The church takes very good care of it!

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