The Georgian

Lancaster, Ohio

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The Georgian is located at 105 East Wheeling Street in Lancaster, Ohio. Today it is used as a museum, and people are able to rent it for meetings and receptions. It is owned by the Fairfield Heritage Association.

The Maccracken family had the Georgian built between 1830 - 1832. It was built by a local builder names Daniel Sifford. The family lived in the house for many years. A couple other families lived in the house, but after the last family moved out it stood abandoned for many years. In the early 1970's the house was such a wreck that the owner was planning to sell it to a nearby church so it could be torn down for a parking lot. Fortunately, the Fairfield Heritage Association was able to purchase the Georgian in 1972. They have restored the house to it's original condition. They have furnished it using furniture from the original time period, and a few pieces are even the original ones the Maccracken family owned. There is also a large doll collection in one of the upstairs bedrooms, which kind of makes it a museum within a museum! There are even some Elijah Pierce pieces in the doll room.

Please see the Fairfield Heritage Association's website to see museum hours and contact information. The volunteers who conduct the tours are extremely knowledgeable and friendly! I would definitely recommend going on any tours given by the Fairfield Heritage Association - especially the Elmwood Cemetery tour in October :)

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