Georges Graveyard

Hebron, Ohio

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Georges Graveyard is located on the south side of Refugee Road, just west of the intersection with OH-37, outside Hebron, Ohio (Union Township, Licking County). It is also known as the Luray Cemetery.

Georges Graveyard is a very old cemetery that is no longer in use today. You probably wouldn't notice this cemetery if you weren't looking for it, most of the gravestones are broken and laying flat on the ground. There are still a few gravestones still standing though. There's not really a good place to park to visit this cemetery, you'll just have to chance pulling off the road as far as possible with your hazard lights on.

The Union Township Trustees take very good care of the cemetery grounds. Although most of the gravestones are broken (probably do to vandalism), many are still legible. All of the gravestones are old, so in my opinion this was a great cemetery to visit!

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