Fort Wayne

Detroit, Michigan

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Fort Wayne is located at 6325 West Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, Michigan (Wayne County).

Fort Wayne was constructed around 1845. In the 1830's and early 1840's, there was still some tension between the United States and Canada involving borders. The city (and country) were still worried that the British would try to invade and capture Detroit again. That's why the fort was constructed. It was named after General Anthony Wayne.

However, the threat of war with Canada finally faded away. The fort was instead used for training Civil War soldiers. No battles were ever fought at Fort Wayne - it was only used for training and housing.

I visited Fort Wayne on May 17, 2008 for one of the public ghost hunts. Although I didn't personally experience anything creepy, it makes sense that the fort could be haunted. Even though there were no battles, there were still deaths. Some due to natural causes like illness, and others due to suicide and accidents. Some believe there are more than fifty ghosts haunting the grounds!

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