Fort Recovery

Fort Recovery, Ohio

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Fort Recovery is located at 1 Fortsite Street in Fort Recovery, Ohio (Mercer County).

Fort Recovery is operated by the Ohio Historical Society and the Fort Recovery Historical Society. The town is the site of two of the largest Indian battles fought in the country. Both of the battles were organized by the great Miami war chief, Little Turtle. The first battle was on November 4, 1791, and is often referred to as St. Clair's defeat. Approximately 1200 Native Americans fought against 1200 American soldiers. It was the worst American Army defeat in history, with over 900 soldiers killed. However, it was the greatest victory of a Native force over a white invading force in the world's history.

The second battle occured June 30 - July 1, 1794. It is known as Wayne's Victory. It took place at Fort Recovery, which was constructed by Major General Anthony Wayne in December 1793. The American Army defeated the largest confederation of Indians ever organized (over two thousand). It destroyed the Indian confederation forever.

For more information about Fort Recovery, please visit the Fort Recovery State Museum website.

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