Fort Meigs

Perrysburg, Ohio

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Fort Meigs is located on OH-65, in Perrysburg, Ohio (Perrysburg Township, Wood County).

Fort Meigs was ordered to be built along the Maumee River by William Henry Harrison in 1813. It was needed to protect northwest Ohio and Indiana from British invasion during the War of 1812. It was (and still is) the largest log fort in America. It encloses ten acres and contains seven blockhouses and five emplacements. At one time more than 2,000 soldiers lived in tents within the fort's wall. British and Canadian troops, along with Native Americans under the command of Tecumseh, attacked the fort twice; once in May of 1813 and the once in July of 1813. The Americans won both of the attacks, and the British retreated.

There are also three unmarked cemeteries at the Fort. Click here to see them.

Many people have claimed to see ghosts at Fort Meigs. It makes sense, there was a lot of bloodshed during the battles at the fort. Visitors, volunteers, and reenactors have seen the apparitions of both American soldiers and Native American warriors. Strange lights, the sound of muskets and cannons firing, and the sound of drums and fifes have also been reported.

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