Friends Church-Crists Cemetery

Thornville, Ohio

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Friends Church-Crists Cemetery is located on the west side of Bruno Road outside Thornville, Ohio (Thorn Township, Perry County). The coordinates are 39° 50' 41.31" N, 82° 24' 57.35" W.

Friends Church-Crists Cemetery is very well taken care of, but it's obvious that this cemetery has been a victim of vandalism. The majority of the gravestones are broken, and it doesn't appear that its a result of natural causes, such as weather. It always makes me sad to see cemeteries that have been so badly vandalised.

The view of the surrounding farms and fields from this cemetery is absolutely gorgeous! There are also many interesting gravestones to look at. I'm not sure who takes care of the cemetery, but they do a fantastic job!

A big thanks to my friend Deidee Hedges for telling me about this cemetery. I wouldn't have known that it existed if she hadn't told me about it...I really appreciate her help!

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