Franklin Cemetery

Whitehouse, Ohio

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Franklin Cemetery is located approximately 450 feet south of Jeffers Road and approximately 300 feet west of OH-64 outside Whitehouse, Ohio (Swanton Township, Lucas County). The coordinates are 41° 31' 46.3" N, 83° 51' 17.9" W.

Franklin Cemetery is very small, and it is no longer active. It is fenced in, and the only way to access the cemetery on most days is to climb through a hole in the fence - there is a real entrance, but it is usually locked. Although a few gravestones have been damaged, most are in good condition. The grounds are very well maintained.

Now speaking of entering through the hole in the very careful when doing this! Let me tell you about my experience - I made it through the fence fine, I just stumbled a little. But getting out was another story. The hole in the fence is sort of high off the ground. You have to step up and duck through. Well, on the way out of the fence my left foot got caught, and I ended up falling flat on my face! Since I had only known Andy (my Lucas County tour guide!) for a couple hours I was extremely embarrassed and tried to act cool. But then he pointed out the blood running down my face - yeah, I must have hit my head on a rock or something. I was mortified! So just make sure you're careful so you don't find yourself in a similar situation :)

Many thanks to Andy Greenlese for taking me to this cemetery (and for not laughing at me too much when I fell)! I really appreciate all the help he has given me with locating cemeteries in Northwestern Ohio.

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