Fort Necessity

Farmington, Pennsylvania

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Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park is located off the National Road, US 40, in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

The battle at Fort Necessity in July of 1754 was the first major battle of the French and Indian War. For more information about the battle, see the official Fort Necessity National Battlefield website.

The reconstructed fort at the park is at the site of the original fort. The fort is circular shaped, and is fifty-three feet in diameter. The palisades in the reconstructed fort are in the exact same location as the original fort's stockade posts.

Legend has it that Fort Necessity is haunted. Park rangers and visitors have heard muskets firing, as well as unexplained footsteps in the visitor center.

In May 2009, I received an e-mail from Betsy Miklos regarding the fort's ghostly legends:

I thought I would share a story about Fort Necessity Battlefield. I did not experience this myself, but I truly believe this did happen. My parents' friend told me about this a few years ago, and I don't doubt him for a moment. He is highly intelligent and works for the government. Never before has he ever believed in ghosts...until this happened to him.

My family does 18th century reenactments all through spring and summer. One of my dad's friends from work will go the the same reenactments. One weekend they went to Fort Necessity. My dad's friend, Ed, went a day before us because we live just minutes from the fort.

He was dressed in his 18th century attire and took a walk through the woods. All of a sudden he saw some soldiers. He thought they were part of the reenactment. He said hello to them, and one of the guys replied back to him "Come on, we have a war to fight. We need your help." Ed blew it off and played along. He started walking with the men and all of a sudden they all disappeared.

He told my dad as soon as we got there. We have never seen the soldiers again.

I received an e-mail from Brittany P. in August 2012 about her visit to Fort Necessity:

One of my really good friends lives 2 minutes up the road from the battlefield. Her mom used to tell us that some of the soldiers who were fighting in the war died on her property. I never really believed her until one of her moms friends brought over a video camera and a voice recorder. We sat outside for the night, just to see if we could find anything. One of the EVP's said "He's dead." There was also a lot of yelling and moaning going on. We also have a video of a man standing about 15 feet away from us with tathered clothing.

If you have any stories about Fort Necessity, please send me an e-mail and I will post your story here.

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