Forest Hills Cemetery

Boston, Massachusetts

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Forest Hills Cemetery is located at 95 Forest Hills Avenue in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk County).

Forest Hills Cemetery was established in 1848, and it is still active. The cemetery is huge, and there are many interesting gravestones and mausoleums. There are many scenic views, and there are even sculpture exhibits throughout the cemetery grounds. There are many notable people buried here, including sculptor Martin Milmore, poets Anne Sexton and ee cummings, abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, suffragist Lucy Stone, and playwright Eugene O'Neill.

One of my favorite gravestones is that of Louis Ernest Mieusset, a five year old boy who died in 1886. He was in a small boat in a pond when he saw his pet rabbit running along the bank. He tried to catch his pet by leaning over the edge of the boat, but he lost his balance and fell into the pond. Even though he was near the shore, he drowned. His beautiful marble gravestone is enclosed in a glass case, and shows him in his boat.

In addition to being a gorgeous place to visit, the cemetery staff is extremely friendly and helpful. While I was walking around taking photos in October 2010, two of the cemetery workers stopped their truck to talk to me. One of the men was Kevin Lynch, the cemetery arborist, who told me about several must-see gravestones. He also gave me a book about the cemetery! I have never been to such a friendly cemetery in all of my graveyard travels.

For more information about Forest Hills Cemetery, please visit the official website.

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