Fort Meigs Cemeteries

Perrysburg, Ohio

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There are at least three unmarked cemeteries at Fort Meigs, in addition to the gravestones/monuments shown on this page. Fort Meigs is located on OH-65 in Perrysburg, Ohio (Perrysburg Township, Wood County) and it is maintained by the Ohio Historical Society.

Many soldiers died at Fort Meigs during the War of 1812. Since they didn't have much time to bury the dead, most of the soldiers are buried in unmarked mass graves. There are a few gravestones for officers throughout the park. Also, there is a big monument in the center of the fort in memory of all the fallen soldiers who fought there. The state erected this monument in 1908.

Some believe Fort Meigs is haunted by the dead soldiers; there have been many ghost sitings. For more information, see my Fort Meigs page.

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