Fish Cemetery

Pemberville, Ohio

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Fish Cemetery is located on the west side of Zepernick Road, south of Housekeeper Road, outside of Pemberville, Ohio (Freedom Township, Wood County). The coordinates are 41° 22' 11.68" N, 83° 30' 13.8" W.

Fish Cemetery is still active, but there are plenty of old, interesting gravestones to look at. One gravestone that Mike and I both found very interesting was a large trunk shaped one. The shape of the gravestone wasn't what was so interesting though, it was the sad epitaph. Click on the third photo in the dropdown box, and scroll'll see the text of the epitaph right under the photo. Fish Cemetery is very well taken care of, I saw very few broken gravestones.

MANY thanks to Mike McMaster for taking me to this cemetery!

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