Friendship Hill

Point Marion, Pennsylvania

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Friendship Hill National Historic Site is located off State Route 166 in Point Marion, Pennsylvania.

Friendship Hill was Albert Gallatin's wilderness house. Albert Gallatin was a very influential politician, he served as Secretary of the Treasury from 1801 - 1814 for President Thomas Jefferson and President James Madison. He arranged the financing for both the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expeditions. To learn more about Albert Gallatin, see the official Friendship Hill website.

Friendship Hill is supposedly haunted by Albert Gallatin's first wife, Sophia. They got married in May of 1789, but she died suddenly in October of 1789. She is buried somewhere on the property. Supposedly people who lived in the house after Gallatin unearthed the remains and moved them from a knoll along the Monongahela River to the new grave that is pictured above. However, there is no official evidence of this, so it is just speculation that Sophia's remains are in the grave surrounded by the stone wall. Anyway, today park rangers and visitors claim to hear Sophia walking around the house, especially the upper floors where visitors aren't allowed to go.

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