Fletcher Chapel Cemetery

Millersport, Ohio

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Fletcher Chapel Cemetery is located on the north side of Blacklick Road, about 2/3 mile east of OH-158, outside Millersport, Ohio (Liberty Township, Fairfield County). The coordinates are 39° 55' 23.87" N, 82° 35' 28.93" W.

Fletcher Chapel Cemetery was established in 1837. Most of the gravestones in this cemetery are older, and just about all of them are in fantastic shape. There is a section on the west side of the cemetery that is surrounded by a broken iron fence. There are a lot of really ornate headstones within the remains of the fence.

I received the following e-mail from Don Oyler, the President of the Fletcher Chapel Cemetery Association. He shared a lot of interesting information:

My ancestors helped start this church and I'm the 5th generation to serve as a cemetery trustee. The iron fence isn't 'broken', however. Someone stole some of it about 5 years ago, so we removed part of it to keep the rest from being stolen. We are short of funds, as it is separate from the Church, so it is a struggle to keep it up. We did get some grant money and were able to get a lot of the stones straightened and repaired just last year. At one time, James Jeffreys was the World's Heavyweight Boxing Champion and many of his relatives are buried there. I, and many of our trustees,are descended from him.

I think it's awful that someone stole part of the fence, but I guess I'm not surprised...some people are extremely disrespectful. Please remember, should you choose to visit Fletcher Chapel Cemetery (or any cemetery!), please be respectful and don't vandalize or steal anything!

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