Farnsworth Inn

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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The Farnsworth Inn is located at 401 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The Farnsworth Inn is supposedly one of the most haunted inns in America. Countless visitors have witnessed strange things in the old house. One of the most haunted areas is the attic. During the Gettysburg Battle, Confederate sharpshooters used the attic to target Union soldiers. Many believe it was one of these sharpshooters who accidentally killed Jennie Wade. Today those soldiers haunt the attic, and I guess they are very active. Just about every room in the house is haunted though, it gets so scary some visitors can't even stay there through the night!

In September 2010, I received an e-mail from Earlyn about her stay at the Farnsworth Inn:

I went to the Farnsworth house with my husband in November 2008, two weeks after Halloween. We went on one of the ghost tours. While waiting for the tour, we tried to kill time at the bookshop, and I had to use the restroom. I had an eerie feeling in the restroom, and I was unaware that this was the Farnsworth house.

During the tour, we went down to the cellar. While listening to the tour guide tell ghost stories, I suddenly started to feel a cold breeze on the left side of my body. The coldness would become stronger and then subside a little and become stronger again. I could not figure out what was going on; I was sitting in the front row, last seat in the middle of the room, and the only source of cold air would be the cellar door, which was 10 feet away to my right. The rest of the room was warm, especially upon entering it at first, because it was cold outside. The tour guide told us about the soldiers that laid there for a few days dying, and the catacombs in the cellar. While I felt the coldness on my left side, I could hear someone breathing, as if they were having difficulty, gasping for breath. I thought the guy behind me was sleeping, so I looked and he was wide awake. This was happening for a good ten minutes (my experience), and as the tour guide was finishing up her story, she started to show uneasiness and covered her face, saying she wanted to get out of there. I told her at the end about my experience, and she said that she could see the candle flame in the middle of the room that was in a bell jar "dance," and that only happens when there is activity in the room...the flame in the candle shouldn't dance unless a breeze was blowing on it; there was no other source of air in the room. I felt pretty spooked, but I can't wait to go back.

In March 2012, I received an e-mail from Justin D. about a family visit to the Farnsworth Inn:

Let me preface by saying that I've raised my children to be accepting of whatever, and that I have never believed in making them leave the room if I'm watching something scary. So growing up they've always watched horror movies and the like. But, we've taught them that it's just a movie. Nobody is really going to try and kill you in your sleep, or mysteriously jump out in front of you when they were just a half a mile behind you. And as of this year they are aged 10, 9, and 7. So this past summer I get home from Iraq and I take them on a month long journey to see some sights. Well being from PA and them from Cincinnati area, they've never been to Gettysburg. So I planned out a trip for them to go see the ghost tours with me. We got there early and it planned out very well. We actually timed it right to make it to 3 tours in one night. The first tour was in the basement of the Farnworth house, and that's where this happened. The basement is setup like a Civil War era funeral home. Complete with a viewing casket at the front of the room. There weren't that many people in tour, maybe 10 or so with everyone sitting on one side of the room except my youngest child, me, and a couple consisting of a very large (muscular) gentleman and his tiny pregnant wife. Well the story teller is telling us about the history of the house and some odd happenings that have gone on there. One of them being about a very strange gurgling, half snoring sound that was coming from the back of the room and was clearly human in origins. Yet nobody was there. Well he tells all this and goes on with some more stories. Halfway through one of his stories I start hearing this gurgling, snoring. And a split second after I hear it, the gentleman behind me starts freaking out wanting to know if anyone else hears it. And wanting someone to stop screwing with him. At this point, I'm in tears laughing, the story teller is trying not to laugh. His wife is behind me telling him to shut up that he's ruining the story, and he's just hearing random noises not to be scared. Everyone on the other side of the room is just looking over and wondering why one guy is freaking out and another is crying from laughing so hard. Finally I turned around and told him that it wasn't a ghost, my daughter fell asleep on my lap and was snoring. HAHA. But in that basement, it did sound a little creepy. Oh, his wife really gave him hell after that. All I heard the rest of the trip when we walked out was how big of a baby he was to be scared at a little girl snoring. And the bad part was that when we left everyone was ooohing and aweing over my daughter and she's shy so she started crying cause she didn't know why everyone was staring at her. HA.

But, if you've never taken the ghost tours at Gettysburg, they are really fun. Nobody is jumping out at you, it's just workers there telling stories of what has happened there to make people think it's haunted. I did catch a picture of something at the Jenny Wade house. Not sure if its just blur or what, but I will say that I sold a few more tickets for their tours that night. And, thanks for the site. I've been around with you since the beginning off and on. It's good to see you're still at it.

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