East Swanton Cemetery

Swanton, Ohio

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East Swanton Cemetery is located on the east side of Scott Road, just north of the intersection with US-20/OH-2, outside Swanton, Ohio (Swanton Township, Lucas County). The coordinates are 41° 35' 6.28" N, 83° 51' 45.48" W.

East Swanton Cemetery is still active. The oldest gravestones are located on the north side, and most are in excellent condition. The cemetery is very well maintained by the township. I also want to mention that although it appears the cemetery is located across from a lake, it is not. The area had flooded a couple days before I visited on July 15, 2006, and as a result the golf course across the road resembled a lake!

Many thanks to Andy Greenlese for taking me to this cemetery! I really appreciate all the help he has given me with locating cemeteries in Northwestern Ohio.

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