Erie Street Cemetery

Cleveland, Ohio

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The Erie Street Cemetery is located at 2254 East 9th Street in Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County). The coordinates are 41° 29' 51.69" N, 81° 40' 56.56" W.

The Erie Street Cemetery was established in 1826, and it is no longer active. It is the oldest existing cemetery in Cleveland. There are 17,935 burials at the cemetery, but not all of those graves are marked. There are many interesting gravestones, and although some are in good condition, others have been very damaged by vandalism and the elements. The cemetery is very well maintained.

The Erie Street Cemetery is supposedly haunted by Joc-O-Sot, a Native American who is buried there. He was a chief of the Fox or Mesquakie tribe. After fighting against the United States in the 1831 Black Hawk War, he worked as a hunting and fishing guide in Cleveland. He then joined a theatrical group and toured around the United States and Europe as part of a show about Indians. He fell ill in Europe in 1844, and he returned to the United States. He wanted to be buried in his native land, near Wisconsin or Minnesota, but he died and was buried in Cleveland. Legend has it that this made him very angry, and as a result his tombstone was cracked by his rage. He is seen roaming the cemetery, and some even claim that he roams across the street to Jacobs Field and affects the Indians baseball games.

Even without the ghost stories, it is a very interesting cemetery to visit.

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