Old Egypt Cemetery
(Circle Cemetery)

Hendrysburg, Ohio

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Old Egypt Cemetery, better known as the haunted Circle Cemetery, is located up a hill on a coal road off Salem Ridge Road (TR-343) in the Egypt Valley Wildlife Area outside Hendrysburg, Ohio (Kirkwood Township, Belmont County). The coordinates are 40° 5' 10.95" N, 81° 8' 27.9" W.

It was an accident that I stumbled across this cemetery...yes, I was lost! I was trying to find an easy road to turn around on. I was totally surprised (and excited) when I drove to the top of this hill and found an old cemetery. I was even more excited when I discovered that the road circled around the cemetery and went back to TR-343...it really was the perfect road to use as a turn-around!

Anyway, back to the cemetery. I'm assuming that the Kirkwood Township trustees maintain this cemetery. It's a very well taken care of cemetery in terms of the grounds. The gravestones, however, are another story. Almost all of the gravestones in this cemetery are broken or missing. It's obvious that this cemetery has been very badly vandalized. It isn't surprising since the cemetery is very hidden. Also, a lot of out-of-towners visit the Egypt Valley Wildlife Area during hunting season in the fall, and unfortunately not all of these visitors are respectful of the cemeteries. Locals guard nearby Salem Cemetery (which is about ¾ mile away) during hunting season, but it would appear that this cemetery is not so lucky.

I think this is a great opportunity to remind my website visitors that you should ALWAYS be respectful when visiting cemeteries. How would you feel if it was your ancestors' graves that were being destroyed?

I had read ghost stories about a graveyard called Circle Cemetery in the Egypt Valley Wildlife Area, but I didn't know the Old Egypt Cemetery was the one all the stories were about until Justin, a website visitor, sent an e-mail to let me know. Legend has it that a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into this graveyard. He lost his arm in the accident, and it was never found. Today people claim to see his arm roaming around the cemetery...you can supposedly hear the fingernails clicking on the gravestones! There are also stories about "devil dogs" that guard the cemetery. I didn't see the arm or the dogs when I visited :)

Many thanks to Tim Fox, Rob Philabaum, and Marty Myers for visiting this cemetery with me on my second trip in September 2006! This cemetery may be the cemetery for the old town of Egypt. To see photos from our search for the lost town, click here.

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