The Search for Egypt

Belmont County, Ohio

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It all started on the site's message board. Rob was telling us about his ghost hunt at the Louiza Catharine Fox Murder Site. Then Tim joined in the conversation and posted the following information about the old town of Egypt:

According to "A Study of the Origin of Place Names of Belmont County Ohio", Egypt, in the Stillwater valley, was begun in 1826 when James Lloyd erected a flour mill in section 3. The reason for the name is in doubt. It has been suggested that the valley was a fine corn country and so the name Egypt would be appropriate. Egypt post office was established, December 11, 1883 with Lewis E. Perkins as postmaster. It was discontinued June 15, 1905. The town has ceased to exist. Sixteen Valley is a small valley opening into the Stillwater valley. It is called Sixteen because it crosses section 16 of the United States Geological Survey.

The only way to get into where Egypt "was" is coming in from the west on Salem Ridge Road....the bridge is "gone" that the road came in from the east across.

A few posts later, four of us decided to meet up at the murder site on September 9, 2006 and head out to attempt to find remnants of the old town!

We found the end of the road and checked out the location of the old, washed out bridge. Then we headed into the wildlife area to see what we could find. The weeds and brush were really high, so we didn't find too much. We did, however, find a possible foundation, some trash, and some remnants from an old railroad track. We also hiked through a field and found a fence post :) Now we're all planning to do some additional research to find more info so we can head back out later this year (sometime in late autumn 2006).

Many thanks to Tim Fox, Rob Philabaum, and Marty Myers for exploring this area with me!!

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