Provost Dungeon

Charleston, South Carolina

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The Provost Dungeon is located under the Old Exchange Building, which is located at 122 East Bay Street in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Provost Dungeon was built in 1781. It has a brick barrel vaulted ceiling that has been standing for many years - it has survived wars and hurricanes. The dungeon was used as a prison, and the conditions were absolutely horrible. It was cold and damp, and sick people were mixed in with healthy people. Both men and women who were accused of giving inside intelligence to the Americans were incarcerated there by the British. Many of those people never made it out of the dungeon.

In 1966, after years of renovation work, the Provost Dungeon was opened as a museum. For tour/museum information, please see the official site: The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon.

Today the Provost Dungeon is supposedly haunted. Many people hear crying and moaning, and many also witness chains and lights swinging back and forth by themselves for no reason. With the horrible conditions the prisoners were forced to live in, it would make sense that the place could be haunted.

A big thank you to Tad, our tour guide on the Bulldog Ghost Tours for sharing the haunting information. If you're ever in Charleston, I definitely recommend this tour!

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