Depoy-Wright Cemetery

Lyndon, Ohio

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Depoy-Wright Cemetery is located on the south side of Lyndon Road, just south of the junction with Black Lane, about 1 ½ miles north of Lyndon, Ohio (Buckskin Township, Ross County). The coordinates are 39° 22' 14.19" N, 83° 19' 28.06" W.

Depoy-Wright Cemetery is a small family cemetery located on private property (you should definitely try to get permission before visiting this or any cemetery located on private property). The cemetery is no longer used for burials, but it's very well taken care of. Most of the gravestones are still standing, and most are still legible.

A big thank you to Mike Hill for telling me about this cemetery and visiting it with me! I might have found this cemetery on my own (I doubt it though), but I know I wouldn't have stopped to visit it if he hadn't been with me...I'm a big chicken when it comes to visiting cemeteries on private property, especially in areas of the state I'm not familiar with :) I really appreciate all the help Mike has given me, he's a terrific person to go cemetery exploring with!

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