Old Burying Ground

Deerfield, Massachusetts

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The Old Burying Ground is located at the end of Albany Road in Deerfield, Massachusetts (Franklin County). The coordinates are 42° 32' 42" N, 72° 36' 33" W.

The Old Burying Ground, also known as the Old Albany Cemetery, is no longer active. There are many old gravestones, including many slate monuments with interesting carvings and epitaphs. Many victims of the 1704 French and Indian raid are buried at this graveyard; in fact, there is actually a mass grave near the back of the cemetery for settlers killed during the attack that occurred on February 29, 1704. On that day, approximately 300 French and Native American soldiers launched a raid on Deerfield. While 56 settlers were killed, 112 others were taken captive and were marched 300 miles to Canada in the harsh winter weather. Some of the settlers were later released and returned to Deerfield, but others chose to remain in Canada.

Many thanks to Ta Mara C. for taking me to this cemetery!

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