Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery
(Cubbage Road Cemetery)

Westerville, Ohio

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Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery is located .02 miles west of Cubbage Road on the south side of Walnut Street outside Westerville, Ohio (Blendon Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 40° 7' 5.75" N, 82° 52' 28.51" W.

Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery is often referred to as the haunted Cubbage Road Cemetery. Supposedly there is a small, old, abandoned church somewhere in the woods around this cemetery where a group of satanists practice their rituals. People claim to see the satanists around this area sacrificing young children. Also, people claim to see mysterious lights in and around the cemetery...a lot of people think these strange lights are the sacrificed children's souls. Maybe the cemetery is haunted, but I definitely didn't get any weird feelings there. In fact, this was probably one of the most non-creepy cemeteries I've visited!!

A big thanks to Dave Boyer for giving me directions to this cemetery and visiting it with me!!

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