Crowell-Collier Building

Springfield, Ohio

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The Crowell-Collier Building is located at 200 West High Street in Springfield, Ohio (Clark County).

The Crowell-Collier Building was home to the Crowell Publishing Company, which was the largest publishing company in the world. Approximately 3,600 people were employed in this manufacturing plant. Several national magazines were printed here, including The Woman's Home Companion, The American Magazine, Collier's, The National Weekly, Farm and Fireside, and The Mentor. More than 120,000,000 magazines, or ten railroad cars a day, were published and distributed each month.

The building contains almost a million square feet of floor space, and is constructed of a combination of steel, concrete, and rebar. The company was able to pump water from artesian wells located under the plant, and even manufactured natural gas used for heat and for the various printing equipment.

The Crowell-Collier Company closed this facility in Springfield on December 16, 1956. The photos on this page are from May 2010. I was able to legally visit as part of Preservation Ohio's Forbidden City tour.

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