Crawford Memorial

Crawford, Ohio

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The Crawford Memorial is located within the tiny town of Crawford in Wyandot County. There are signs on US-23 to guide you to it.

The plaques at the memorial give a good's the text since it's a little difficult to read in the photos:

Burning of Crawford

One-half mile northeast, June 11, 1782, the Indians burned Col. Wm. Crawford at the stake, in revenge for massacre of the Christian Moravian Indians by Williamson's earlier expedition.


Crawford Memorial Park

Dedicated in Memory of Col. Wm. Crawford who was born in 1722 in what is now Berkley County, West Virginia, and was burned at the stake one half mile northeast of here down in the valley on June 11, 1782 by the Indians in revenge for the massacre of the Christian Moravian Indian's by Williamson's earlier expedition.

It's worth making the small side trip to see it when traveling through Wyandot County on US-23!

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