Crawfis-Emery Cemetery

Lancaster, Ohio

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Crawis-Emery Cemetery is located at the corner of Crawfis Road and Sugar Grove Road outside Lancaster, Ohio (Berne Township, Fairfield County). The coordinates are 39° 40' 43.34" N, 82° 33' 28.04" W.

Crawfis-Emery Cemetery is located on a VERY steep hill. Climbing up to the top is a little challenging since it is so steep, but the view from the top definitely makes the climb worth it! From the top you have a great view of the quarry and the hills beyond it. It's quite spectacular.

I did sort of have a scary experience at this cemetery. On my way down from the top I was trying really hard not to lose my footing and fall. I grabbed on to a gravestone that I had used to help balance myself with on the way up. However, when I grabbed it on the way down the top part of the gravestone started to slide and lean. Luckily I was able to pull it back before it fell!

One more warning: you might want to spray yourself with insect repellent before visiting this cemetery (or any cemetery) in the spring or summer...when I got back to the car I noticed that I had two ticks crawling on my jeans, even though the grass in the cemetery wasn't very high.

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