Concord Presbyterian Cemetery

Lattaville, Ohio

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Concord Presbyterian Cemetery is located between Acton Road and Little Creek Road, about .4 mile north of OH-28, in Lattaville, Ohio (Concord Township, Ross County). The coordinates are 39° 21' 14.04" N, 83° 12' 19" W. It is located by the Concord Presbyterian Church.

Concord Cemetery is a beautiful, very well maintained cemetery. It's kind of creepy looking though, both Mike and I agreed that it'd be a cool setting for a horror movie. Probably because of all the trees and the old church. Speaking of the church, it's one of the most beautiful old churches I've ever seen! It has a lot of history behind it too. Concord Presbyterian Church was a stop along the Underground Railroad. The ministers would hide runaway slaves in a secret spot located above the sanctuary.

You can see Concord Presbyterian Cemetery from OH-28. From the road it looks really small, but it's a lot larger than it appears. The cemetery is still active, but most of the gravestones are older. I highly recommend visiting this one!

A gigantic thank you to Mike Hill for taking me to this cemetery (and the other twenty-three he visited with me that day)! I really appreciate ALL the help he has given me with locating cemeteries in southern Ohio!

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