North Cemetery

Cedarville, Ohio

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North Cemetery is located on the west side of OH-72, about ½ mile north of Cedarville, Ohio (Cedarville Township, Greene County). The coordinates are 39° 45' 16.28" N, 83° 48' 45.25" W. It's just north of Cedarville University.

North Cemetery is still an active cemetery. It was made a National Historic Landmark on February 11, 1988. There are plenty of old gravestones to look at, and most are in terrific shape. It is very well taken care of and definitely worth visiting!

In January 2005 Chet Miller sent me some interesting information about the Veteran's Memorial at North Cemetery:

"If you looked close at the gun in the soldier's hands you would have seen that it was a real gun not granite like the rest of the stone. A tornado hit the cemetery years ago and knocked the soldier off of the base. The gun broke into many pieces and the monument company that I worked for got the job of fixing the monument. My dad worked there and helped to fix it, but the gun was too bad to repair so they replaced it with a real gun. That is why it looks a different color. Over the years it has got some rust on it. Just look close and you can see it."

Chet is can see that it's a different color. A big thanks to Chet for always sharing interesting information like this with me!

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