Chestnut Grove Cemetery

Ashtabula, Ohio

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Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located at the end of Grove Drive in Ashtabula, Ohio (Ashtabula Township, Ashtabula County). The coordinates are 40° 51' 19" N, 80° 46' 53.2" W.

Chestnut Grove Cemetery is large, and it is still active. There are many old gravestones, and although most are in good condition, several of the older monuments have been damaged. The cemetery grounds are well maintained.

Chestnut Grove Cemetery is supposedly haunted. At the top of the hill, visitors will notice a huge obelisk. It is dedicated to the memory of the unidentified people buried at the cemetery who died in the Bridge Disaster that occurred on December 29, 1876. On that day, a Pacific Express train crashed into the river near Ashtabula when the trestle collapsed. Ninety-two passengers out of the 160 aboard died. Some of the bodies recovered were so badly charred from the fires that they were unable to be identified. Today many visitors at the cemetery claim to see apparitions in period clothing roaming around the memorial. In addition to the accident victims' spirits, many claim to see a man weeping and apologizing by the memorial. This is believed to be the spirit of Charles Collins, the bridge engineer who killed himself shortly after the disaster.

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