State Feebleminded Cemetery

Columbus, Ohio

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The State Feebleminded Cemetery is located on the grounds of the Columbus Developmental Center off Sullivant Avenue in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin Township, Franklin County).

This cemetery is the second oldest mental hospital cemetery out of the four that are located in Columbus. It is very well taken care of, although some of the gravestones are almost completely sunken into the ground. The majority of the gravestones are the small, flat ones that contain only a name, admission date, and date of death. There are a few larger gravestones...these gravestones belong to patients whose families purchased larger stones, or to members of the hospital staff that chose to be buried there.

You're definitely going to need permission to visit this cemetery. The CDC Police keep a close watch, so I'd be very surprised if you could just sneak in. I contacted the CDC to get permission to photograph a particular stone that someone e-mailed me about (a genealogy request). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find that gravestone, but I did take the photos located on this page to share with all of you.

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