Calvary Cemetery

Dayton, Ohio

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Calvary Cemetery is located on the west side of US-25 (South Dixie Drive) in Dayton, Ohio (City of Moraine, Montgomery County). The coordinates are 39° 43' 27.54" N, 84° 12' 14.47" W.

Calvary Cemetery is very large, and it is still active. There are many old gravestones, and most are in excellent condition. Many also have beautiful statues. The cemetery is very well maintained by the Calvary Cemetery Association.

When I visited the cemetery on March 31, 2007 it was raining really hard. Therefore, many of my photos didn't turn out so great. I was able to get some better photos on my second trip in November 2008.

Many thanks to Tammy, Dianna, and Pam for visiting this cemetery with me!

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