Battle Alley

Holly, Michigan

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Battle Alley is located in Holly, Michigan.

Battle Alley is one of the most historic streets in Michigan. The historical marker located on the Holly Hotel shares a lot of information:

"This historic district was once the scene of frequent brawls. In 1880, an uproar between local rowdies and workers of a traveling circus rendered so many bruised, beaten and jailed, that this street was thus named "Battle Alley." Carry A. Nation, "Kansas saloon smasher," came to Holly on August 28, 1908, at the request of the local prohibition committee. Wielding her umbrella, she strode through the alley's bars bellowing about the "Demon Rum" and its sins. In 1910, Battle Alley became the first brick street in the village."

A big "thank you" to Teresa Jeffreys for taking me to Battle Alley. I really appreciate all the help she has given me with locating cemeteries and haunted places in Michigan!

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