Brock Cemetery

Brock, Ohio

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Brock Cemetery is located on the east side of Greenville-Saint Marys Road outside Brock, Ohio (York Township, Darke County). The coordinates are 40° 15' 36.86" N, 84° 33' 37.52" W.

Brock Cemetery is still active. The oldest gravestones are located on the southwest side, and most are in good condition. The grounds are well maintained.

The most famous person buried at Brock Cemetery is Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter who traveled across the country. She was born near North Star, Ohio on August 13, 1860 as Phoebe Ann Moses. Her family was poor, and she started hunting at age nine to help support her family. She became well known for her shooting skills, and at seventeen years old she began her career as a sharp shooter. At that time, she was in a shooting contest in Cincinnati, and defeated a well known marksman named Frank Butler. Annie Oakley and Fred Butler fell in love, and were married in 1882. They both traveled with the Buffalo Bill Show from 1885-1902. She died in 1926, from pernicious anemia (lead poisoning, from handling so much ammunition). Frank Butler was so upset about his wife's death, that he stopped eating and died a couple weeks later. Annie Oakley was cremated, and rumor has it that she is not buried in her grave; instead, many believe her remains were placed in her husband's coffin, and they are both buried in his grave.

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