Braddock Grave

Farmington, Pennsylvania

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The Braddock Grave is located off US 40, the National Road, outside Farmington, Pennsylvania (Fayette County).

In July of 1755 General Edward Braddock and his English troops were marching along the Braddock Road on their way to Fort Duquesne. On their way there, they were attacked by a group of French soldiers and their Indian allies. General Braddock was severely wounded in the battle, and on July 13, 1755 he died. The General was buried in the road the troops were building. The troops marched over the grave after he was buried in order to hide it from the Indians.

Several years later, in 1804, some men who were working on the road discovered his remains. They didn't want to leave his remains in the road, so they moved them to a small hill nearby. In 1913 the grave marker pictured above was placed on his grave.

Braddock Grave is part of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park.

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