Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, Georgia

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Bonaventure Cemetery is located at 330 Bonaventure Road outside Savannah, Georgia (Chatham County). The coordinates are 32° 2' 34" N, 81° 2' 46" W.

Bonaventure Cemetery is very large, and it is still active. There are many old gravestones, and all are in excellent condition. Many of the gravestones have beautiful, elaborate statues. It is very interesting place to visit. The cemetery was mentioned several times in the book (and movie) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Today the cemetery is a popular tourist attraction for fans of the book.

Bonaventure Cemetery is supposedly very haunted. I didn't witness any paranormal activity when I visited in April 2006 though. However, that doesn't mean it isn't haunted! Here are a few of the more well-known legends:

  • There used to be a plantation located on the grounds of the current cemetery. The owner, Josiah Tattnall, Jr., was known to have lots of parties. One night during a dinner party the house caught on fire. The owner had his slaves move the dinner table to the front yard, and the guests finished their dinner outside. Today many people visiting the cemetery hear people talking and laughing, and some even hear the clanging of glasses and plates.
  • The ghost of Gracie Watson is also seen at the cemetery (though it is more often seen near the location of her father's hotel). People hear her crying, and some have even seen bloody tears drip from the eyes of her statue. The tears are usually seen when objects are taken out of the statue's hand.
  • Bonaventure Cemetery is also haunted by a pack of ghostly dogs. I haven't heard of anyone actually seeing these creatures, but people often hear them barking and growling. Some visitors are even chased through the grounds by the ghost dogs!

I received an an e-mail from E.A. Gilmore in October 2008, with an observation regarding one of my photos:

It may have just been a trick of the light when you took the picture or my imagination, but it looks like there are some misty shapes in the picture of the veteran's gravestones. I didn't notice it in any of the other photographs from Bonaventure Cemetery.

I received an an e-mail from Barb Harder in December 2008, with an observation regarding one of my photos:

I was looking at the pictures in your Haunted Cemeteries section, and on the Bonaventure Cemetery page there is a picture titled "Wreath Carving." It's a picture of Harry Green's grave, and I just happened to glance to the upper right corner of the photo. Now perhaps this is just a statue or some sort of optical illusion, but it certainly looks to me like a little girl in period dress walking through the cemetery!!!! I was wondering if you were able to clarify. Surely this must be my imagination, however, should you see it too do let me know.

For more information about the cemetery, please visit Roadside Georgia: Bonaventure Cemetery.

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