Bodey Cemetery

Millerstown, Ohio

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Bodey Cemetery is located at the intersection of Woodville Pike and Cemetery Road outside Millerstown, Ohio (Johnson Township, Champaign County). The coordinates are 40° 10' 50.23" N, 83° 55' 35.65" W.

Bodey Cemetery is very small, and it is no longer active. Although a few of the gravestones are standing, many are broken and weathered. The grounds seemed to be well maintained.

In September 2010, I received the following e-mail from Karen H. with some additional information about Bodey Cemetery:

The reason this cemetery is in good condition is because a couple of Bodey descendants cleaned it up. This cemetery is on private property of the house that sits in front of it. Many of the markers were put upright and into the bases. I have the before and after pictures. Trash and debris were piled. We dug and found some of the markers so they would be up. My husband is a direct descendant of this line of Bodey's.

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