Bill Moose Grave/Memorial

Upper Arlington, Ohio

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The Bill Moose Memorial is located along Riverside Drive (US-33) at Lane Road in Upper Arlington, Ohio. It is located within a very nice park.

My friend Susan told me about this memorial. Here's the story she e-mailed me:

"The Wyandots were peaceful Indians that lived in Michigan. The Hurons, of New York, loved to fight and would attack the Wyandots. The Wyandots decided, in order to preserve their tribe, that they should split up. They divided into five groups, one of which migrated to Ohio.

Apparently at this time, Ohio wasn't really populated by anyone. The Indians would pass through, take what food they needed, and keep going. That way everyone shared in the bounty.

In the late 1700s, a small group of Wyandots settled near the Olentangy (near Clintonville). I'm not sure if they lived there year round, or just during the summer. Anyhow, there were a few Indians living in the area when the "village" of Clintonville was first settled. The government then "invited" the Indians to relocate west and most of them went. All except the Moose family. Bill Moose, one of the Moose children, ended up being the last Indian in the area.

He lived in a cabin near the railroad tracks on Indianola (I wonder if that street is named for him?). Boys would dare each other to go and talk to him. If you were polite and seemed genuinely interested, Bill would let you into his cabin and would tell you stories of life as an Indian.

Once in a while, Bill would decide to go to Dublin or Hilliard (where they are now) and he'd just go. He walked the whole way. Wonder how long it took? So time passed and Bill Moose got old. The people of Clintonville, who loved him, put him in a nusing home (now that says love, huh?) where he died two years later.

I'm not sure of the exact location of his grave, but it's somewhere on Riverside Drive (closer to Dublin, I think). I think you should try to find it. It's not haunted or anything, at least that wasn't part of the story I heard, but it's a pretty good story!"

As you can see, I took Susan's advice and found the memorial. It wasn't difficult to find since I had passed it numerous times on my way home from work...I saw the stack of rocks, I just had no idea what it was!

The memorial supposedly marks the spot where Bill Moose was buried, and it serves as his gravestone. There is an inscription on it that reads:


A big thanks to Susan for sharing this story with me! If it wasn't for her I would have just kept driving by it without stopping!

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