Bloxom-Hopewell Cemetery

Selma, Ohio

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Bloxom-Hopewell Cemetery is located at the top of a steep hill on the north side of Chillicothe Road, about .15 mile west of US-42, outside Selma, Ohio (Green Township, Clark County). The coordinates are 39° 47' 2.89" N, 83° 43' 39.71" W.

Even though Bloxom-Hopewell Cemetery isn't far from US-42, a road that gets quite a bit of traffic, it has been very badly vandalized. The majority of the gravestones have been broken, there are several stacks of stones throughout the cemetery. It's always sad for me to see old cemeteries like this one in such bad shape. Someone obviously takes care of the cemetery though. While it hadn't been mowed recently (I visited on November 29, 2004) I could tell that it had been mowed earlier in the year.

Please remember to be respectful when you visit this or any's not cool to vandalize gravestones!

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