Brushy Fork Cemetery

Sugar Grove, Ohio

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Brushy Fork Cemetery is located on the north side of Brushy Fork Road, about 2 miles west of Old Logan Road, outside Sugar Grove, Ohio (Berne Township, Fairfield County). The coordinates are 39° 36' 53.57" N, 82° 35' 13.81" W.

Brushy Fork cemetery is a small cemetery located on a small hill beside the road. I'm sure this cemetery has been vandalized in the past, there are quite a few broken gravestones. There's a relatively new house right next to the cemetery, so I'm guessing it's not as easy for people to vandalize now (I'll never understand why anyone would want to vandalize a cemetery anyway!). I'm not sure who takes care of the cemetery (maybe the township?), but it is very well taken care of.

This is another cemetery I wouldn't recommend visiting in snowy weather. The road to the cemetery is narrow with a few curves, and the hill is sort of steep. The road had patches of ice when I visited, and the truck's back tires slipped a couple times - it wasn't much fun!

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