Berlin Township Cemetery

Lewis Center, Ohio

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Berlin Township Cemetery is located on the north side of Cheshire Road, between Greggory Road and Lackey Road, outside Lewis Center, Ohio (Berlin Township, Delaware County). The coordinates are 40° 14' 28.76" N, 82° 59' 44.3" W.

Berlin Township Cemetery, also known as New Cheshire Cemetery, was established in 1973. It is still active. The cemetery was created to hold the remains of several smaller cemeteries that had to be moved due to the construction of the Alum Creek Reservoir. Blockhouse-McNamara, Townhouse-Berlin Township House, Caswell-Lewis, and Cheshire-Nettleton Grove Bank Cemeteries were all moved here. Two of those cemeteries have their own marked sections at the back of the cemetery. You can click these links to see separate pages for each:

Berlin Township Cemetery is full of many interesting gravestones, and the majority are in excellent condition. The township does a terrific job of maintaining the grounds and monuments.

Many thanks to Kate Hamilton for visiting this cemetery with me!

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