Bell Rock Cemetery

Malden, Massachusetts

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Bell Rock Cemetery is located on the south side of Medford Street, west of Green Street, in Malden, Massachusetts (Middlesex County).

Bell Rock Cemetery is also known as the Old Burial Ground and Sandy Bank Cemetery. It is no longer active. The cemetery is filled with old gravestones, some dating back to the 1690's. Many are slate tablets that have beautiful, detailed carvings. The winged skull carvings are my personal favorite, and I can't get enough of them when I visit New England. Although the majority of the gravestones are in good condition, there are a few that have been damaged; we noticed several that had been spray painted when we visited in October 2011. The cemetery grounds are very well maintained.

Many thanks to Ta Mara C. for taking me to this cemetery, and to the Gravestone Girls for telling us about it!

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